I will be putting on a full days worth of training at SQL Bits on Wednesday 4th May, a brief abstract of this is as follows:

You are a DBA or developer working on applications with mission critical performance requirements so exacting that a level 400~500 understanding of the database engine is required in order to extract every last ounce of performance from the database engine. This session aims to deliver on this by providing a 360 degree via of what what the database engine is doing and how to crack ‘Hard’ problems involving undocumented waits and spinlock activity that the standard out of the box SQL Server tools provide little or no insight into. Techniques will be covered for performing deep analysis of CPU saturation scenarios, wait analysis at thread level, the trouble shooting bad device drivers, networking and IO down to the full IO path from the database engine right through to device driver level, all via windows performance toolkit.

I am also open to providing customized training days.