SQL Bits XV: Advanced Techniques For Superscaling SQL Server

It is with great honor that I have the privilege of announcing that my pre-conference submission for SQL Bits XV has been accepted !. I will be putting on a days worth of training in at SQL Bits XV in Liverpool on the 4th of May. To give you a flavor of what I will be offering, the day will include:

  • Advanced performance trouble shooting using windows performance toolkit, including:
    • CPU saturation.
    • Trouble shooting bad driver issues.
    • Digging into undocumented waits and spinlocks.
  • Scaling SQL Server in extreme multi threaded use cases:
    • Extreme OLTP workloads on the conventional and in-memory database engines.
    • Scaling the LMax queuing pattern up to 500,000 message pushes per second with the in memory OLTP engine.
  • Advanced SQL Server database engine internals:
    • How spinlocks work.
    • The ramification of NUMA
    • How the database engine is layered.
  • How modern processors work.

If you want to know how to squeeze every last drop of performance out of your hardware, get SQL Server to scale for extreme use case or you are just a hardcore SQL Server internals and performance geek, then this day is for you !.

So as to avoid any potential disappointment with this course, I would stress that it is not a basic index tuning, query tuning or wait analysis course. Also if you are unfortunate enough to inherit an application that is abusing the database engine through poor basic design decisions, such as poor data model design or feature abuse such as the use of views on top of views on top of views, you are unlikely to get limited value out of this day.

Use this link to register for this event.

Early bird pricing is on offer until the January the 14, I look forward to seeing you on the 4th May !!!


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